Vintage racer drives car

Forza Triple Crown: Take on the Forza Team!

15 December 2022–3 January 2023

The Forza Triple Crown combines three Rivals events for an incredible racing showdown on Forza Motorsport 7! Read on to find out how you can get involved.

Alongside four ultra-rare Driver Gear suits, starting on December 15 through January 3, you can win bragging rights by challenging the Turn 10 Community Team and finding yourself on our overall leaderboard. Plus, don't forget to head to our dedicated Forza Forums thread to show off your fastest times.

Forza Triple Crown Schedule

The event is live and the community have put down some amazing laps! Here are the current top 5 drivers on overall scores.

|Rank|Gamertag|Round 1|Round 2|Round 3|Total| |---|---|---|---|---| |1|ESV Scottsin|1:38.030|1:05.963|1:39.955|4:23.948| |2|ESV Griffin|1:38.572|1:06.56|1:39.884|4:24.512| |3|Im Just Kurt|1:38.788|1:06.287|1:40.071|4:25.146| |4|SendingItMedia|1:39.175|1:06.411|1:40.708|4:26.294| |5|VNX Legacy|1:39.944|1:06.386|1:39.989|4:26.319| |6|PSUK Danzilla|1:39.886|1:06.715|1:40.584|4:27.185| |7|Commando FM|1:40.393|1:06.784|1:40.384|4:27.561| |8|Raceboy77|1:40.075|1:06.842|1:40.644|4:27.561| |9|VNX Zero|1:40.459|1:06.638|1:40.650|4:27.747| |10|VNX ZachThe1|1:40.168|1:06.951|1:41.036|4:28.155|

Times as of 10am Pacific on the 19th December

Vintage racer drives car
Forza Motorsport 7–legacy game; not currently for sale.

Take on the Forza Team

We have some legendary Gamertags for you to take on! Locate their times in-game by adding one or all of the Gamertags below as friends on the Xbox network. The next time you load up Forza Motorsport 7, head to the Rivals event leaderboard and press X on your controller to filter the leaderboard based on Friends.

Gamertag Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Raceboy77 1:40.075 1:06.842 1:40.644 4:27.561
T10 Tio Forza 1:41.507 1:07.797 1:41.239 4:30.543
Yaachts 1:43.838 1:08.185 1:42.349 4:34.372
Backlight50 1:45.918 1:11.329 1:45.575 4:42.822
ManteoMax 1:48.049 1:10.947 1:45.644 4:44.640
T10 Buttons 1:48.223 1:11.559 1:48.792 4:48.574
TheBerlz 2:16.007 1:32.252 2:03.857 5:52.116

Times as of 10am Pacific on the 19th December

Let us know who you've beaten and by how much over on the Forza Triple Crown discussion page on the Forza Forums. Just go easy on us!

Awesome In-Game Gifts

The more you race, the more Driver Gear suits you can unlock! Just setting a lap time in Round 1: Open-Wheel will grab you the Olympia Driver Gear. Participate in Round 2: Prototype and you will earn the JD Driver Gear. Set a lap time in Round 3: Grand Touring and receive the Kait Driver Gear. Get them while you can!

Winning Driver Gear
From left to right: Kait, JD, Master Chief & Olympia

We also have some special prizes for those drivers that take part in all three of the Forza Triple Crown Rivals events. First you will get a 2010 Maserati Gran Turismo S Forza Edition and alongside this, the awesome Master Chief Driver Gear.

Also, if you set a time across all three in-game leaderboards you will be eligible for the overall leaderboard that will be posted on this page and on the Forza Forums. There we will be adding up the times of the top 10 drivers to find our Forza Triple Crown 2022 champion.

Image of a Masterati Forza Edition

Car & Track Combos

All the car and track combinations for the Forza Triple Crown were voted for by the Forza Motorsport Twitter community and they have selected some brilliant challenges. It will take the complete racing driver, capable of handling changing cars and conditions, to emerge on top.

• 1988 McLaren #12 Honda McLaren MP4 at Suzuka – Full Circuit (Rain)

• 1991 Mazda #18 787B at Road Atlanta – Full Circuit

• 2009 BMW #92 Rahal Letterman Racing M3 GT2 at Hockenheimring – Full Circuit

Can’t wait to get racing? Head out on track in Forza Motorsport 7 and don't forget to tell us how you're getting along over at the Forza Triple Crown Forums Page.