Featured Tour: Track Toys

15 May–27 June 2024
The Track Toys Tour invites you to experience high-performance cars that you could see hot lapping on the racetrack.

Compete in a single-make race series with Ginetta Juniors. This affordable entry point into motorsport for enthusiasts will see you behind the wheel of the nimble yet extraordinary 2019 Ginetta G40 Junior. Despite only 100 horsepower, the lightweight G40 has emerged as the most successful junior racing car on the circuit!

Weekend Warriors sees you racing cars like the exceptional 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS which could be taken to the track on a Sunday before being driven to work the following day. Whether it is on the road or the racetrack, this Cayman GTS tackles every twist and turn at high-speed without issue!

Appreciate the unforgettable shape and undeniable performance of the iconic Caterham R500 in Kit Caterhams. This driving machine must be skillfully handled. Despite its light chassis, the R500 catapults from 0 to 60 in just 2.9 seconds thanks to its 267 horses!

And finally, enjoy a celebration of purpose-built track cars like the aerodynamic 2019 Elemental RP1 in Track Toys. This lightweight car delivers a thrilling 320 horsepower from its 2-liter turbocharged engine! Not only does its massive low-pressure diffuser look truly incredible, but its aerodynamic capabilities create a truly staggering amount of downforce, ensuring you always have full control of the RP1 on the track.

Complete all 4 series in the Track Toys Tour to receive the ultimate racing warrior, the 2019 Porsche #70 Porsche Motorsport 935. This car’s exterior details are inspired by Porsche’s racing legacy, including rims and aerodynamics that pay homage to the 935/78 racecar –nicknamed the Moby Dick – as well as 919 Hybrid LMP1-inspired LED taillights. Enter the Reward Showcase with the 935 to take on a field of hypercars built for the track.

Series within the Track Toys Tour do not have to be completed in a particular week – you have until June 27, 2024, to finish this latest Featured Tour. Spotlight cars are available at a discount for the week during which they are featured.