Forza Motorsport Community Update

13 October 2023- Turn 10 Studios
An update to our Forza Motorsport community.

Hi everyone. It’s been a week since Forza Motorsport released for Premium Edition owners and, in that time, we’ve been reading your feedback and listening to your concerns. Forza Motorsport has been designed to be a racing platform that will change and adapt over time. This includes tweaks to the gameplay systems, features and quality of life improvements, as well as new content that will be introduced every month.

Ever since players got their hands on Forza Motorsport, the team has continued developing new fixes and is committed to ongoing improvements, some of which will be released as early as next week. Stay tuned for the details and full release notes on our Forza Support website and Forza Motorsport channels.

While this first update focuses on quality of life and stability issues, we look forward to continuing to listen to, and evaluate, our players' feedback in future updates.

Thanks to all our players for being part of the Forza Motorsport community and for your continued support and patience. We will keep you updated on when those changes start to roll out.

We’re excited to shape the future of Forza Motorsport together. Share your input and tell us about your experiences with the game on the official Forza Suggestions Hub.