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Submit Your Forza Horizon 5 Bug Reports on the Troubleshooting Hub

21 February 2023- Turn 10 Studios
Introducing a new way for our players to report Forza Horizon 5 issues, discover workarounds and find the latest status updates to ongoing bugs.

Since the launch of Forza Horizon 5, we have continued to investigate and fix bugs through our monthly series updates. Feedback from our community has been essential in reproducing these issues and developing fixes for them. We frequently receive new reports from players on our official forums, Discord and social channels, however our sole process for evaluating game issues has been the dedicated ticketing system available via Forza Support.

While we have compiled both known and fixed issues in our Forza Support release notes, we understand the ticketing system often leads to a wide gap in communication from when the issue is first reported to a fix being released. By introducing the new Troubleshooting Hub, we’re looking to improve visibility, reporting, and communication around the bug fix process.

Available to access today on the Forza Forums, the Troubleshooting Hub has been designed to be an all-in-one issue tracker for our community. There you will see what your fellow players are encountering in Forza Horizon 5, and just like our Suggestions Hub, you can also upvote existing topics to bring further awareness to an issue and prioritize its investigation.

We also encourage you to reply to topics with any other information that could be helpful to the Forza game teams and fellow community members. For example, if you know the exact reproduction steps, or a workaround to avoid the problem altogether, we can use that additional info to more efficiently investigate a fix, and you’ll have played an important role in helping us find that solution.

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Our Forza Community Team will also use the Troubleshooting Hub to communicate progress on the issues that are reported by our players and provide workaround details if one exists.

We're launching the Troubleshooting Hub with top issues previously reported by players. These are high priority items for our team, and we encourage you to vote on these topics and share any additional insights that you may have on these issues.

The Troubleshooting Hub is broken down into three subcategories:

  • Known Issues – Any topic that has passed a certain threshold of votes will be moved here. These are the issues our team is actively investigating.
  • Report New Issues – Here is where you can submit new bug reports and upvote on others.
  • Closed – These issues have either been fixed or will not be fixed, and in the case of the latter, we’ll include the reasoning on why we’re unable to resolve the bug.

Once players have posted an issue, our team will review it to assign a bug category and status. This will be a quick way for us to let you know about the status of the report and if we need additional info. We will also merge duplicate topics to combine votes and info, such as reproduction steps or workarounds in one place, and to ensure the hub is simple for you to navigate.

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Please understand that investigating, developing and releasing a fix is a timely process, and we won’t be able to immediately resolve issues as they’re reported. However, the Troubleshooting Hub will help us to understand how widespread each issue is, so we can prioritize our development efforts and inform our players on the current progress of each submitted report.

Before writing a new topic for the Troubleshooting Hub, please refer to the “Getting Started” posts that you will find pinned to help you get started. As a rule of thumb, the more information you can provide, such as reproduction steps, the more beneficial your report will be to our team. Please do not submit game crashes, lost save or player reports on the Troubleshooting Hub. These should continue to be reported through our Forza Support website.

The Troubleshooting Hub is for actively supported titles only; for issues related to Legacy Forza titles please refer to the existing articles on the Forza Support site.

We look forward to collaborating with you as we grow and maintain the Troubleshooting Hub into our all-in-one tracker for game issues, a centralized location that is useful and informative for both players and our developers alike. Get started today over on the Forza Forums.