A robot holding a flask with a pink liquid playing with props and cars to create a track
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Get Your Creativity Racing with EventLab 2.0

8 September 2023- Playground Games
Create bigger and better events for the Forza Horizon 5 community to play with EventLab 2.0 and customize your cars with new body kits and rims.

Forza Horizon 5 doubles down on EventLab with the newest update: Horizon Creatives. We want your creations to be the star of the Horizon Festival, so we’re introducing new EventLab upgrades to get your creativity racing and inspire you to create the events you’ve always imagined.

This update also introduces fresh additions to car customization including 20 rims from a new-to-Horizon aftermarket brand, Vorsteiner, as well as new body parts from AC Schnitzer and the returning Forza widebody kit for the 1995 BMW 850CSi.

Horizon Creatives will be available to download from Tuesday, September 12. The series content is playable from September 14 through October 12. Get your creative juices going and start creating!

A robot holding a flask with a pink liquid playing with props and cars to create a track

Release Notes & Game Fixes

Here’s a look at some of the fixes and improvements you can look forward to in this update:

  • [PC] Fixed an issue where, upon loading up the game, a black screen would be displayed for an unintended amount of time after the Xbox Game Studio logo.

  • Fixed an issue with the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde where the headlights were not functioning properly during night-time.

  • Fixed an issue with the 2020 Lamborghini Huracan Evo where the reverse lights on the rear were not lighting up correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with the 2021 Ferrari Roma where the cockpit dashboard was incorrectly displayed in low-resolution. Here is where you can find the issues we are currently investigating. You can post about new issues you have encountered on the Troubleshooting Hub.

New features to discover and experiment with in EventLab 2.0

Click on the video to see all the new features, tools, and improvements added to EventLab 2.0 in action

While EventLab regularly receives new props for players to include in their creations, we are now adding exciting new features that will let you bring your wildest ideas to reality with an update we are calling EventLab 2.0.

This new update includes a brand-new set of tools, quality of life improvements, and features that will enable you to create bigger events faster and better.

Selection Mode

Select, edit, move, and delete multiple props at once.

As in everything racing related: faster is better. So, to make your creating process much more agile, we have created the new Selection Mode.

This new multi-selection mode will let you grab a number of individual props and then rotate them, move them around, and duplicate them. Not only will this make your creating process more efficient, but you will also be able to reuse groups of props you previously put together without having to start from scratch each time you need them.

Multi-selection will also let you clone, move, and delete props in mass selection, reducing the time you will spend creating courses for events.


A screenshot of the menu where props can be browsed showing different prefabs.
Browse the prefabs other players have built and use them on your events.

Prefabs are an assortment of props saved together to make a new mega prop. You can save any prop you have created as a Prefab and share it with other players worldwide.

You can also search among the creations of other players to find the most ideal custom props to fit your event. Perhaps you’ll even stumble upon an interesting idea that sparks the creation of a new race or game mode! Prefabs will be added to the existing Creative Hub menu with features like share codes, number of downloads and in-game credits payouts. You will even be able to browse Prefabs in the Blueprint Builder which will save you a lot of time!

With Prefabs you can share your custom prop creations to inspire other creators in our community. In addition to this, we have added a feature that will let you bookmark your favorite or most used props so you can find them even quicker.

Custom Flyers

A stillframe of a red car being converted into a custom poster for an event.
Create flyers that showcase how your event actually looks!

Previously when creating a new event on EventLab, the promotional flyer would automatically generate based on the car restrictions you set among other details. This meant that other players would not see how your event looked until they decided to download and play it.

This all changes with EventLab 2.0. You can now replace the predetermined flyer with a photo taken of your event. This allows creators to better represent their EventLab Blueprint, while for you and your friends, it’ll now be easier and faster to discover fun new events to play.

This is made even better by the ability to browse more than 15 events in the event browser, as players can now scroll through multiple pages of community-created blueprints.

EventLab Island

An orange car parked in front of large props featuring a holiday tree and a wave in front of a tall building
A giant space to create bigger and better events.

New features deserve an amazing new place to be experimented at. EventLab Island is a brand-new location specifically for creating EventLab content. It comprises of a 2km x 2km flat concrete platform surrounded by ocean.

Since EventLab Island is its own separate location, you will be able to add more props to each event you create within it thanks to an increased prop budget.

EventLab Island can be accessed through its own icon on the in-game map. Click on it, and you will be transported to the island. Look for the activation point and start creating!

New Props

Props to create a petrol station and a Horizon logo
New props added to EventLab 2.0

The EventLab 2.0 update wouldn’t be complete without new props, and we have introduced new prop packs for you to implement into your custom maps. These include a petrol station with signs, a coffee cup, pumps, and roofs, a variety of primitive shapes like a cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid, sphere, torus, and wedge, and different surface types like snow, ice, grass, tarmac, and dirt.

Some of our existing props have received attachment nodes so they are now easier to move around and, more importantly, snap together. There are three different node sizes: small, medium, and large. The original nodes included in the Hot Wheels content were “large” and designed for Hot Wheels track pieces, while these new smaller-sized nodes will work much better with smaller props.

You can also style up your checkpoint markers with different styles including various colors of street race flares.

What’s more, EventLab 2.0 lets you set the exact time-of-day and weather conditions while your map is being created. This means you will see your creation in the exact conditions that you intend for players to experience it. For example, if you want to design a night-time race, you will see how it looks as you build it.

A New, Electrifying Collaboration

Two completely electric vehicles built for adventure will be available on the Festival Playlist!

Forza Horizon 5 brings you a unique collaboration with Rivian, the American electric car manufacturer that creates tools for adventurers. Their catalogue is designed to tackle any terrain from sand, to rock, and even water. During Horizon Creatives, you will be able to add two different vehicles of their brand into your collection.

2022 Rivian R1T

In Autumn, a pick-up truck designed to master any terrain and take you on any adventure you choose becomes available to unlock. Get the 2022 Rivian R1T by completing “Mudslinger's Scramble” EventLab on the Festival Playlist.

2022 Rivian R1S

Explore and adventure anywhere you want by unlocking the 2022 Rivian R1S, an SUV created for those who want to traverse the roughest environments without jeopardizing their comfort and mobility. Set your route and get the R1S during the Spring season of the Festival Playlist by completing the “Stadium Supercross” EventLab.

Experience the 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray

Blue Corvette ERay doing a drift in front of a stage
A special reward for players who download and play Forza Motorsport.

With the upcoming release of Forza Motorsport on October 10, the Horizon Festival will celebrate by rewarding anyone who plays Forza Motorsport with the fastest Corvette ever created: the 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray.

The E-Ray is a true freak of speed, its petrol-powered engine in combination with its electric drive unit, gives it a rampaging total 655 horsepower. Its potency matches any test you put it through, it can reach 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and it's capable of completing a quarter mile in a measly 10.5 seconds.

The E-Ray will be available to every Forza Horizon 5 player who downloads and plays Forza Motorsport. Those with Early Access to Forza Motorsport, included with the Premium Edition and Premium Add-Ons Bundle, will be able to redeem this reward starting from October 5. All Forza Motorsport players can drive it in Forza Horizon 5 starting October 10.

Giving Your Garage a New Look

Horizon Creatives is all about showing off your personalized touch, and the local Horizon Festival mechanic has new rims, aero parts and a body kit to install on your cars.

AC Schnitzer makes an appearance and brings body parts compatible with two BMW models:

  • 2015 BMW i8
  • 2018 BMW M5

A Forza-branded widebody kit is also returning for the 1995 BMW 850CSi.

Vorsteiner joins the fun and brings a complete set of 20 new rims to give your car collection a new pair (or two) of shoes:

  • VCS 001
  • VCS 002
  • VCS 003
  • V-FF 101
  • V-FF 102
  • V-FF 103
  • V-FF 104
  • V-FF 111
  • V-FF 112
  • VFN 310
  • VFN 501
  • VFN 502
  • VFN 503
  • VFN 504
  • VFN 505
  • VFN 506
  • VFN 507
  • VFN 508
  • VFN 509
  • VFN 512

Festival Playlist

8 cars lined up next to their release dates
Electric and petrol vehicles for you to unlock during Horizon Creatives!

Horizon Creatives introduces new Treasure Hunt obstacle courses on the Summer, Autumn and Winter Festival Playlist. Expect some new challenges in your adventures to find and smash the Treasure Chest! And be sure to keep your cool in Winter as you’re challenged to smash 20 EventLab Flask Props located on top of Le Gran Caldera and around Gran Telescopio. This prop will also be available in the Blueprint Builder for EventLab creators.

Once you are done building, it’s time to start racing! Horizon Creative’s Festival Playlist brings you an unmissable selection of BMWs. Unlock and drive these German meteors by completing the different Festival Playlist seasons available each week.

1996 BMW 850CSi

BMW with its headlights turned on parked on a highway in the desert
A classic BMW is waiting to be unlocked for 80 PTS until October 12.

Earn 80 PTS during the Horizon Creatives Festival Playlist series. Available from September 12 until October 12.

The top of the line of the 8 series BMW models, the 1996 BMW 850 CSi has everything it takes to set it apart from other cars of the series. Starting with the biggest improvement: its engine. Known as the S70B56, this wonderful piece of German engineering is a 5.5-liter V12 that propelled the 850CSi to a top speed of 250 km/h. With improved aerodynamics, handling, brakes, and suspension, this car is ready to teach you what performance means.

2021 BMW M3 Competition Sedan

Bright green BMW going through a corner on a highway in front of a rural landscape
Take control of the mighty M3 for 20 PTS on the Festival Playlist

Earn 20 PTS during Week 1 “Summer” Season on the Horizon Creatives Festival Playlist. Available from September 14 until September 21.

Each time a new BMW M3 comes out, we know the world of sports sedans is going to be rocked, and the 2021 BMW M3 Competition is no exception to this rule. This installment of the German tradition puts the "sports" in sports sedan as its most prominent characteristic.

The 2021 M3 has all the power you want for a ride like this with its 3.0-liter, straight 6-cylinder paired with a new sportive suspension that lowers the body to the ground and guarantees more grip. Not shy from innovation, the entire suspension is controlled electronically to ensure comfort and precision.

All its 510 bhp is controlled through an 8-gear automatic Steptronic transmission that makes it capable of reaching 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

Can we take a moment to talk about those looks? The exterior design of the M3 really shows what's underneath it: innovation, power, and a ton of madness that you can try to tame.

2022 BMW iX xDrive50

BMW SUV parked in front of a stone wall underneath the sunlight
Unlock the xDrive50 for a luxury-pack adventure.

Earn 20 PTS during Week 2 “Autumn” Season on the Horizon Creatives Festival Playlist. Available from September 21 until September 28.

High-luxury, high-tech, and all-electric, the 2022 BMW iX xDrive50 is the German manufacturer’s next step in its electrical movement.

This battery-powered SUV does everything in its power to make sure you are enjoying the ride twice as much as you will enjoy the destination.

However, as you would expect from BMW, it is still engineered to make you feel alive when you step on the throttle. With 523 bhp, it launches this car from 0 – 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds and maxes the top speed at 200 km/h.

With sci-fi screens in the interior and a 76.6 kWh battery that feels like a rocket booster, driving the xDrive50 can be considered an otherworldly experience.

2023 BMW M2

Blue BMW M2 speeding trough a highway
The bigger and meaner M3 will be at the Festival during the "Winter" Season

_Earn 20 PTS during the Week 3 “Winter” Season on the Horizon Creatives Festival Playlist. Available from September 28 until October 5. _

An all-time classic coupé is back with a bigger and bulkier look. The 2023 BMW M2 is a complete technological powerhouse putting together the brains and the brawn.

From the exterior, you can tell it has been designed with power in mind. Every corner of the car says “aerodynamics” and is made to resist as much air as it can without losing its aggressive demeanor. To compliment the look, it has been fitted with a straight 6-cylinder biturbo engine makes sure it lives up to the tales.

The M2 was designed by Mexican designer José Casas and will be built in the BMW plant in San Luis Potosí, making this the very first BMW completely made in Mexico: an ideal choice to take on a tour of the Horizon Festival.

2022 BMW i4 eDrive40

BMW sedan driving in the countryside on a dirt road
Another electric option for you to unlock on this series' Festival Playlist

Earn 20 PTS during the Week 4 “Spring” Season on the Horizon Creatives Festival Playlist. Available from October 5 until October 12.

BMW’s first all-electric hatchback has to be a car to be remembered for ages. Of course, the 2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 lives up to that test. Not only does it come with the familiar BMW look we all love seeing, the car drives like a true heir of the BMW racing legacy.

Keeping what is considered tradition in the line, the i4 is a rear-wheel drive car propelled by an electric engine capable of putting in 335 bhp and sparking a 0 – 100 km/h time of 4.07 seconds.

Even though this is considered BMW’s entry level EV, it does not shy away from the speed and precision we are used to seeing from the Bavarian manufacturer.

What’s Next

The Horizon Festival turns orange as Dia de Muertos arrives next month. Enjoy the traditional spooky season as you cruise through Mexico during one of its most iconic holidays behind the wheel of Forza Horizon 5’s most requested car. Stay tuned for more details in October!

Audi R8 on top of a building during the sunset