Rocky terrain engraved with an orange and white snake-shaped, Horizon-inspired mural.
Horizon brush

Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure Map Reveal

3 March 2023- Alan Walsh
Discover the diverse biomes of Sierra Nueva and download the 8K map so you can begin plotting out your Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure.

With less than four weeks until the release of Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure, we know that many of you are eager to begin planning your off-road expeditions through the rugged Sierra Nueva.

Before we begin touring the biomes that bring this rally-fueled location to life, check out the map of Sierra Nueva during the Summer “Wet” season below. Click here to download it in 8K.

Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure Satellite Game Map

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Now that you’ve taken in all the details shown on the map, let’s talk more about Sierra Nueva! With its vast topography, rich vegetation, incredible vistas and a great mix of asphalt, dirt and deformable sand roads, there’s no better way to experience Horizon Rally in your favorite cars.

Pueblo Artza

Several cars and buggies drive through the town of Pueblo Artza with orange and white Horizon Festival race flags, as well as orange, yellow and white buildings, rocky terrain in the background, and a helicopter in the sky.

Let’s start with the quaint town of Pueblo Artza. It’s located in the heart of Sierra Nueva and surrounded by tall, lush hills and spectacular rock formations. Some say the views from those cable cars are impressive, but they're not bad from the asphalt either.

Desert Gorge

A u-shaped road in the Desert Gorge full of towering canyon rocks.

Asphalt Rally drivers, are you ready to tackle the technical roads of the Desert Gorge? This canyon is the perfect location to hear the echoing pops and bangs from your anti-lag turbocharger! Here you will find incredible scale views, swirling roads, massive rock formations patterned with unique striations, and a terrain engraved with a unique personality thanks to its Horizon-inspired murals. Drive on the wooden bridge and enter Photo Mode so you can capture the details up close!

Green Hills

A view stretching out for miles of open spaces in the Green Hills  full of vibrant plant life, towering rock terrain and a crystal-clear stream of water.

Gaze ahead to the distance for miles of untamed open spaces in the Green Hills, full of vibrant plant life, towering rock terrain and a crystal-clear stream of water. We don’t anticipate it to remain that way for long however, especially once your muddy tires drive through it! Here you will also find a massive dam and reservoir, as well as a nearby asphalt drag strip so you can practice Launch Control.

Palm Forest

Glistening waterfall rains down from a high ridge with a flowing stream through the high vegetation Palm Forest.

Here’s a fun challenge: Can you smash down every tree in our Palm Forest? With plenty of nearby dirt trails primed for dust kicking and a beautiful, large waterfall and stream located off the beaten path, this biome is always a sight to behold!

Abandoned Quarry

Abandoned Quarry featuring machinery, sloped terrain, piles of dirt and dump trucks.

Take your best stunt vehicle to Orogrande as this Quarry is about to feel a massive shake-up once the Horizon Rally drivers blitz their way through the machinery, sloped terrain and piles of dirt. Some may call it reckless, but this is Sierra Nueva. Just watch out for the dump trucks!

Rugged Dunes

Rugged Dunes environment with some plant life dotted throughout.

You’ll need to schedule a visit to the car wash after crossing the Rugged Dunes. With sand everywhere, tires carve into the terrain, leaving a distant trail behind them. You’ll also find deformable sand roads interwoven with pre-deformed tire tracks, as well as some hidden surprises, including a Bike Track ideal for short-burst Trophy Truck racing and the small town of Cráteres Secos nestled within a large crater!

Get Your Rally Adventure Started

Dusty trails scatter a winding dirt road in the Palm Forest, covered in trees and greenery.

Can’t wait until March 29 to jump into Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure? Check out the Horizon Wilds Takeover where you can enjoy off-road racing action around Mexico and unlock new rally cars, buggies and trucks to ensure a great start once you arrive in Sierra Nueva.