A group of off-road cars including a green buggy, red half-truck and white rally car drive along a dirt trail with spectators cheering on the action in the left side of the image.
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Get Ready for Rally Adventure in the Horizon Wilds Takeover

23 February 2023- Alan Walsh
Jump back into Forza Horizon 5 ahead of the Rally Adventure expansion and get a taste of the dirt in the Horizon Wilds Takeover.

Tune up those rally cars and get those off-road tires fitted. The Horizon Wilds Takeover celebrates the upcoming Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure expansion available March 29 and pays homage to a legend of motorsport.

Game Fixes & Release Notes

The next Forza Horizon 5 update will be available to download on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs though the Microsoft Store and Steam from Tuesday, February 28, which is two days before the Horizon Wilds Takeover series begins in-game on Thursday, March 2.

A Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX with a black, white and blue livery featuring a green Monster Energy logo, as well as a Audi Sport quattro S1 adorned in a yellow and white livery with the #2 drift in front of the redecorated Horizon Wilds Takeover

We’re closely monitoring your Forza Horizon 5 feedback as new fixes are developed and introduced in each series update. Here’s a look at some of the new improvements in this update:

  • An issue that caused PR Stunts to reset to one star despite the Personal Best score displaying a higher amount has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that unintendedly reset Car Masteries for a vehicle if listed on the Auction House.
  • To alleviate some regional ISP issues, particularly in Argentina, we’ve made improvements to online player connectivity.
  • For some players, an issue with the Treasure Chest not spawning in the game upon solving the riddle persisted. We’ve made further improvements to fix this for all players.
  • We’ve fixed the miscalculation on the EventLab Props Budget UI when an object is removed.
  • Some players couldn’t unlock the “Mission Complete” Accolade despite fulfilling the required objective. This has been fixed.
  • We've fixed an issue which allowed players to unintentionally drive out of the environment while customizing a car.
  • Unintended shadows would appear near the rear wheels of the 1995 Toyota MR2 GT when using BOMEX side skirts. This has been fixed.
  • An issue which prevented players from setting the Horizon Festival Outpost as their Player House while the Hot Wheels Festival Outpost is set as the Player House has been fixed.

You can find the full list of fixes in our release notes, which will be published once the update has been released. We’ve also recently launched a new Troubleshooting Hub over on the Forza Forums to closely track the issues you’ve been reporting and understand how widespread they are to make informed decisions on where to prioritize our development efforts. This is an extension of our Known Issues list, which gathers all the items we’re currently investigating in one place.

Evolving World

Over the next four weeks, look out for new decorations around the Horizon Wilds Festival Outpost. If you’re a fan of our murals, they’ll also be decorated throughout the series with Photo Challenges encouraging you to capture your best image of each in the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons.

Entrance to the redecorated Horizon Wilds Festival. The scene is at night-time with orange and green lights visible. A car drives up a dust trail as it drives into the outpost.

The fan-favorite Stunt Park is returning with refreshed colors to celebrate the Horizon Wilds Takeover. Meanwhile, in the Autumn season, look for the Collectible Pinata Dinosaur, which can be found by the Horizon Stadium. Complete the Pinatasaurus challenge to receive the biggest fashion item of the year, the Dinosaur Outfit, and you’ll always stand out from the festival crowd.

For EventLab creators, we’ve added the “Lucky Cat” and “Red Dinosaur Piñata” props to the Blueprint Builder.

For Ken Block

To honor the life of Ken Block, we recently sent all players 1965 Ford ‘Hoonicorn’ Mustang and the Ken Block race suit and helmet. These items can be redeemed from the “Gifts” tab of the Message Center.

A Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX with a black, white and blue livery featuring a green Monster Energy logo lifts some tire smoke drifting under a tunnel in the city of Guanajuato.

In addition, we’ve put together some special content for the Horizon Wilds Takeover inspired by his motto: “GO FAST RISK EVERY THANG,” which can be unlocked as a chat phrase for Forza LINK.

As featured in GYMKHANA NINE, the 2016 Hoonigan Ford Focus RS RX is available to add to your garage this series, and if you drive it or any other Hoonigan vehicle in Forza Horizon 5 for 4.3 miles (7km), you will unlock #43 as a Player Badge.

An aerial view of the Stunt Park with blue, yellow and purple props including ramps, tubes, half-pipes and other drivable objects.

We’ve also created several Accolades with Ken Block inspired-objectives:

Accolade Description PTS Reward
Time to Hoon Drive from the Horizon Festival México to the Stadium in any Hoonigan in 60 seconds 100
My Very Own Gymkhana Earn a Great One-Eighty, Awesome Air and Ultimate Drift Skill in any Hoonigan at the Stadium 100 Forza LINK chat phrase – "GO FAST RISK EVERY THANG“
As Hoon as Possible Drive from the stadium to the top of the Volcano in any Hoonigan in 2 minutes and 30 seconds 100
Fly me to the Hoon Earn 3 Stars at the Mountain Top Danger Sign in any Hoonigan 100
Hoon Landing Get 10 Ultimate Air Skills in Dunas Blancas in any Hoonigan 100
Too Hoon, Junior Win a Drag Race in any Hoonigan 100 Car Horn – Countdown Timer
Master of the Hooniverse Win a Cross Country, Dirt, Road and Street Race in any Hoonigan 250
Climbkhana Earn 3 Stars at the Esquisto Drift Zone in the 1965 Ford ''Hoonicorn'' Mustang 100
Industrial Playground Show you're faster than a train by earning 10 Speed Skills in the 2016 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX in the Cooper Canyon 100
Tri-Five By Fire Earn 5 Ultimate Burnout Skills in the 1955 Hoonigan Chevrolet Bel Air 100
Light the Tires Win a Street Race in the 1972 Hoonigan Chevrolet Napalm Nova 100 Forza LINK chat phrase – "I'm not a Street Racer"
Hoonologation Special Drive 5 miles in Dirt Races in the 1986 Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution 100
Guanajuato Gymkhana Earn 10 Ultimate Drift Skills in the 2016 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10 Ford Focus RS RX while driving through Guanajuato 100
Tarmac Rally Earn 3 Stars at the Switchbacks Speed Zone in the 1978 Hoonigan Ford Escort RS1800 100 Clothing – Speed Zone Tee
Hoonkhana Bank 430,000 Skill Score in the 1991 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A 100
Rally's Finest Win a Dirt Race in the 1994 Hoonigan Ford Escort RS Cosworth ''Cossie V2'' 100
Climbkhana Two Earn 3 Stars at the Cara Este Drift Zone in the 1977 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10 Ford F-150 ''Hoonitruck'' 100 Clothing – Black Drift Zone Tee
Drift Machine Earn 6 Stars at Drift Zones in the 1992 Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 Twerkstallion 100
Made for Driving Drive 9.11 miles in the 1991 Hoonigan Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 Turbo 100
Gotta Drive Em All Own every Hoonigan 1000 Super Wheelspin
Horizon Wilds Takeover Collector Own the 2021 Sierra 700R, 1980 Subaru Brat GL, 1986 #2 Audi Sport Quattro S1, 2015 Honda Ridgeline Baja Trophy Truck, 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate, 1985 Nissan Safari Turbo and the 2016 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX 1000

Festival Playlist

Buckle up, because the Horizon Wilds Takeover introduces two new-to-Forza off-road machines, the 2021 Sierra 700R and the 2021 Polaris RZR Pro, as well as five returning vehicles.

2021 SIERRA Cars 700R

A green 2021 SIERRA Cars 700R buggy parked on the beach alongside three surf boards, two red, one white, leaning up against a beach hut. A green and black jet ski can also be seen in the water.

Earn 160 PTS during the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival Playlist. Available from Mar. 2 – Mar. 30.

Faster and improved in every way, the 2021 SIERRA Cars 700R builds upon the RX3 with improved handling and stability in a more lightweight, affordable package. Considered as the best value in Sierra’s line-up, the saying “sometimes less is more” couldn’t be any truer in this instance. Built to take on the most extreme and challenging dirt courses, the Yamaha Raptor 700r inside this buggy powers it to a top speed of 85mph! It’s the perfect choice for racing on the Horizon Baja circuit in the desert, where its quick pace and agility are certain to outshine your competitors amidst the never-ending trails of dust!

1980 Subaru BRAT GL

The 1980 Subaru BRAT GL in its red and white livery drives through a field of orange flowers.
Earn 80 PTS during the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival Playlist. Available from Mar. 2 – Mar. 30.

Developed at the request of the president of Subaru of America, the BRAT (Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter) followed the trend set by the Chevy El Camino and Ford Ranchero as half-truck, half-car. On paper, and due to the rear-facing bed-mounted jump seats, the BRAT was technically a car, which got Subaru out of an excessive light truck tariff versus that of passenger cars imported from Japan. Underneath its coupe-utility body is the heart of the Subaru Leone station wagon. Under the hood is the Subaru EA flat-four and in the GL model represented here, a dual-range four-wheel drive system. Although humble in power output, the BRAT, like any Subaru, is meant to go places the average car wouldn’t dare.

2016 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX

A Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX with a black, white and blue livery featuring a green Monster Energy logo lifts some tire smoke drifting around the city of Guanajuato.
Complete the Seasonal Championship “#43” on the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival Playlist. Available from Mar. 2 – Mar. 9.

The 2016 Ford GYMKHANA 9 Focus RS RX shifts everything we love about Ford’s hatchback masterpiece into overdrive. The RX RS is an astonishing 10-inches wider than the Focus RS and has nearly double the horsepower. There are vents, lips, and flares that all culminate into a form that screams speed. Take a rocket ride through the sequential gearbox and blow through some twisties to find out exactly what made this car Ken Block’s vehicle of choice for GYMKHANA NINE.

1986 Audi #2 Audi Sport quattro S1

An Audi Sport quattro S1 adorned in a yellow and white livery with the #2 lifts up the dust on a dirt trail.
Earn 20 PTS during the Summer “Wet” Season on the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival Playlist. Available from Mar. 2 – Mar. 9.

This was the car that put Audi rallying on the map. Introduced in late 1985 as a Group B entrant, the quattro S1 began a string of incredible performances that helped define the near mythical status that Group B regulations still enjoys among rally enthusiasts. The quattro S1 was one of the most powerful Group B cars ever made, with its turbocharged engines producing power north of 460 horsepower. Little wonder that, in addition its rally popularity, the quattro S1 also held multiple world records on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb during the late 80s and is still widely regarded to this day as one of the most incredible race cars Audi has ever built.

2015 Honda Ridgeline Baja Trophy Truck

Earn 20 PTS during the Autumn “Storm” Season on the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival Playlist. Available from Mar. 9 – Mar. 16.

The Baja 1000 is one of the most grueling off-road races in the world. The 2015 course was 821 miles of rocks, sand, and incredible obstacles. This specially built Trophy Truck competed and won Class-2 (forced induction engines up to 3.6 liters) that year. Honda Performance Development built the Ridgeline Trophy Truck to showcase the design of the second-generation Ridgeline pickup. Design cues including the front facia, hood, roof, and bed are taken directly from the new model. The engine utilizes the same block, heads, and crankshaft from the 3.5-liter V6 that powers the 2017 production model. Twin-turbos in the race truck helped bump output to 550 horsepower, and the remainder of the vehicle is a custom-built tube frame chassis with the kind of massive suspension needed to take the punishment the Baja desert dishes out every mile. Take this one-of-a-kind racer to the Horizon Baja track against the other off-roaders and find out for yourself how it matches up.

2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate

The grey-colored Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate parked by large canyon rocks and surrounded by pink flowers.
Earn 20 PTS during the Winter “Dry” Season on the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival Playlist. Available from Mar. 16 – Mar. 23.

With a computer-controlled suspension system designed for extreme, precise driving, the 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate is considered best in class for Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs). It’s got all the power, agility and turning radius needed to tackle everything nature can throw at it, from sand, mud and rocks the innovative Dynamix 2.0 system adapts to the terrain and delivers a consistently smooth off-roading experience. It has dedicated modes that adjust the suspension for comfortable, effortless driving, rough Baha terrain, high-speed desert landscapes, twisty trails and racetracks, and crawling through extreme rocky passes. Highly equipped with all the essentials for mastering diverse biomes and overcoming dangerous challenges, the 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate can do all of this at incredible speeds. The biggest surprise you’re certain to face on unforgiving trails is the realization of just how capable and revolutionary this vehicle is for off-road racing.

1985 Nissan Safari Turbo

A silver Nissan Safari Turbo drives through the sand.
Earn 20 PTS during the Spring “Hot” Season on the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival Playlist. Available from Mar. 23 – Mar. 30.

Also known as the Patrol when imported to Australia, this rig was rugged enough to conquer the Outback at a time when it was far from tamed. The Japan-only model Nissan Safari is built for any conditions. Nissan of Japan has been producing the Safari and its many variant models, pick-ups, extended chassis models, military applications, and more since 1951. It was utilized as a military vehicle by many countries in the Middle East and Asia, further proving both its dependability and capability. You won’t find luxury and comfort, but what you will find is brutal versatility and character that has been honed from the backbone of what off-roading truly means.

What’s Next

A group of rally cars parked in the rainforest including an orange buggy, a red half-truck and a white and yellow rally car. A waterfall and tall forest trees can be seen in the background.

Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure will be available to download from March 29! Check out our dedicated blog for all the details on the extreme off-road driving thrills that await in this incredible new expansion. As for our next series, we’ll be turning down the lights for Midnights at Horizon. Stay tuned for more details later in March!