A pair of white Toyota TRD Pro trucks drive through trees in a forest.
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Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Update

28 February 2022- Alan Walsh
Welcome to the Horizon Rush Takeover! Jaimin’s crew has been busy preparing for the PR Stunt Carnival as new PR Stunts and a dedicated Stunt Park invite players to leave their mark. Available to download from Tuesday, March 1, the Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 Update introduces American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) support for cinematics, new fixes and updates for known issues, EventLab improvements and more. Let’s dive in!

American Sign Language (ASL)/British Sign Language (BSL) for Cinematics

Over the years, Forza games have been recognized for their accessibility features and, with each game released, we have been able to make advancements in the accessibility features we offer players. Forza Horizon 5 has been recognized for its innovation and excellence in accessibility and we are proud to add to the available options with American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) for cinematics in the Accessibility menu. This feature works by using a picture-in-picture display of an ASL or BSL interpreter during cinematic game scenes. Players can change where the interpreter appears on screen and adjust the background color to their preference. We know that sign language can authentically convey tone and emotions which subtitles alone cannot provide and we’re excited that this feature makes Forza Horizon 5 accessible to more players.


For insights into the development of Forza Horizon 5’s latest accessibility feature, check out this Microsoft Stories blog post featuring additional perspectives from Mike Brown, Playground Games Creative Director and Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie.

Update about Known Issues and Fixed Issues

We continue to listen closely to your Forza Horizon 5 feedback and are working hard on further fixes and updates. Here’s where you can stay up to date on the issues we’re currently investigating, thanks to everyone who has shared their feedback and reports with us.

Today we wanted to share the following improvements available in Series 5 with more to come in future updates.

  • Festival Playlist – This update retroactively applies points for bugged Daily Challenges and Treasure Hunt events in Series 1 and Series 2. This will also unlock the “Min, Meet Max” achievement for those who had completed all other events and challenges within a series.
  • Horizon Tour – We've fixed an issue where the Horizon Tour would automatically mark itself as completed on the Festival Playlist, which caused a points deduction on past Series.
  • Headlights – Car headlights now function correctly in online races – especially handy for those close night-time battles!
  • Livery Editor – We’ve reworked the layer UI to ensure layers are displayed and that numbers don’t obfuscate the layer data.
  • Photo Mode – We’ve fixed an issue which caused time-of-day to unintentionally progress after entering Photo Mode.
  • Traffic – Improvements have been made to civilian traffic synchronisation. This includes fixes for traffic vehicles not appearing in Street Races and in Horizon Life after online races.

For the complete roundup of fixes and changes in this update, check out our release notes.


Looking ahead, we’re working on some exciting improvements for Horizon Open which we'll be able to talk about soon. In addition, we're aware that Unbeatable Drivatar difficulty can have unexpected difficulty spikes. We're investigating that feedback.

We are continuing to investigate a solution to remedy erroneous lap times and high scores being posted to Rivals and PR Stunts leaderboards. As shared in January, this is not a quick fix and we remain committed to ensuring the leaderboards are fair and not compromised.


To provide EventLab creators with a larger prop selection, we’ve added the seasonal props released in previous series updates to the Blueprint Builder. These include the holiday decorations, trees and snowmen of Series 2, and the all-new party decorations of Series 5. FH5-EW_S05-Stunt_Park-02-16x9_WM.jpg

When editing EventLab routes, we’ve added the ability to start editing from the start line rather than the first placed checkpoint. We’ve also fixed an issue where EventLab creations at Playground Games locations – such as the Horizon Stadium – would ignore collision settings.

PR Stunt Carnival

For the next four weeks, the Horizon Stadium is transformed into a Stunt Park featuring ramps, drift zones, loops and smashables. Mexico is also dressed up in party decorations with fireworks and confetti around the Horizon Rush Festival outpost.


In the Winter “Dry” season, look out for Dinosaur Piñata collectibles – smashing 15 of them unlocks the Orange Piñata Outfit. Elsewhere around the festival, don’t miss the new Parade Float race. It’s available throughout all of Series 5, however completing it during the Summer “Wet” season unlocks the Green Piñata Outfit.

To celebrate the PR Stunt Carnival, every week in Series 5 we’ll be adding four new PR Stunts – one of each type: Speed Zone, Danger Sign, Trailblazer and Speed Trap – for a total of 16 new PR Stunts! The Speed Zones will be added permanently, while the others are only available to complete in Series 5 and will feature a special icon to distinguish them from existing PR Stunts. FH5-EW_S05-PR_Stunt-Danger_Sign-16x9_WM.jpg

As you perform PR Stunts in Series 5, look out for the flags, ramps and cameras to be dressed in party decorations – in addition to confetti pops once completed.

Festival Playlist

On the Festival Playlist, don’t miss your chance to score PR Stunt inspired clothing as well as new horns to celebrate the carnival – including one from our friends at Minecraft.

Clothing Car Horns
Speed Trap Top Welcome Spring
Speed Zone Top Minecraft Theme
Trailblazer Top Confetti Cannon
Danger Sign Top Carnival Parade
Drift Zone Top
Horizon Rush Top
Piñata Outfit 1
Piñata Outfit 2

In addition to the above unlocks, a new selection of shirts featuring colorful patterns and designs inspired by the murals found across Mexico are now available to purchase from the customize character screen.

The Festival Playlist also introduces four new cars to Forza Horizon 5 – two of which are #NewToForza – and a unique Forza Edition model of an existing car. Here are the vehicles you can unlock over the coming weeks:

2018 KTM X-Bow GT4

KTM X-Bow GT4 on the racetrack.
Earn 20 PTS during the Summer “Wet” Season on the Series 5 Festival Playlist from Mar. 3 – Mar. 9

The X-Bow – that’s pronounced “cross-bow” for the record – is one of the most extreme-looking track toys out there, so one might wonder what KTM could do to take it to the next level. The answer is not always more power or less weight. The jet fighter-like canopy of the GT4 increases aerodynamics and stops your face from peeling off at high speeds. The company has made this track-only weapon more durable, decreasing racing costs and improving dependability. Since you will find the X-Bow in many of the top racing series, such as SRO World Challenge or even the VLN series at the Nürburgring, knowing that the cost of winning just went down should make that path to victory that much easier to find. For those enjoying it in Forza, well, just keep putting it to the test and enjoying every mile.

2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

A silver Toyota 4Runner truck takes on a snow-covered rocky landscape.
Earn 20 PTS during the Autumn “Storm” Season on the Series 5 Festival Playlist from Mar. 10 – Mar 16.

Imagine a mid-size sport utility vehicle transformed into an off-roader primed for globe-trotting expeditions. That’s what Toyota built with its 4Runner TRD Pro. Rugged, durable and versatile – there's no better choice for when you need to go off the beaten path. Whether you’re hauling gear cross-country or rock-crawling, you’ll always be impressed by the sheer toughness of this rugged body-on-frame SUV. Overcoming unforgiving terrain is rooted in the heritage of the 4Runner series, and the TRD Pro amplifies it to the next level with its oversize TRD-tuned high-performance shocks and rear remote reservoirs – all while keeping itself protected with a quarter-inch thick aluminium skid plate and distinctive looks that ensure you crawl through rocks, dirt and mud in style.

2010 Noble M600

A yellow Noble M600 is parked by the Hotel Castillo in the city of Guanajuato.
Earn 20 PTS during the Winter “Dry” Season on the Series 5 Festival Playlist from Mar. 17 – Mar 23.

Britain’s Noble Automotive builds bespoke supercars that demand attention. Not just attention from drivers who appreciate their analog pureness—Nobles are blissfully devoid of such driver-isolating distractions such as ABS and traction control—but also from those who appreciate their ideal proportions. The latest Noble, the M600, is the epitome of the breed, a mid-engined supercar with enough performance on tap to shock the established big-name players. Many cars are described as quick, but the M600’s 0-60 mph blast takes only a tick over three seconds—that’s properly, wickedly quick. Motivation comes courtesy of an unusual engine, a V8 developed by Yamaha for Volvo, although no Volvo sees the kind of power that the additional twin-turbochargers bolted up by Noble provide. Its light weight and high output (a full 650 horsepower) perfectly suits the M600’s primarily carbon fiber hand-built body and its advanced stainless steel frame. While the performance is phenomenal, it’s Noble’s dedication to the driver that makes this exceptionally well-crafted car such a delight to both push hard and appreciate standing still.

2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO (R35)

A black Nissan GT-R NISMO parked in front of the colorful Farid Rueda Lion Mural.
Earn 20 PTS during the Spring “Hot” Season on the Series 5 Festival Playlist from Mar. 24 – Mar. 30.

With its more aggressive styling, the upgraded 2020 R35 Nismo features faster acceleration, improved cornering force and better braking performance than the previous 2017 model. Nissan has iteratively refined and improved its R35 “Godzilla” for over a decade. Being one of the longest running sports cars in the world, it only begs the question of what's next for the GT-R line? In the interim, there’s nothing that can quite match the appeal and immediate recognition of an R35 – it’s truly iconic – and this refined iteration is certain to catch the attention of many road goers with its familiarity and subtle yet effective enhancements.

1965 MINI Cooper S Forza Edition

A white Mini Cooper Forza Edition zooms through a tight road in the city of Guanajuato.
Earn 80 PTS on the Series 5 Festival Playlist from Mar. 3 – Mar. 30.

Small in stature but large in racing history, presence and performance, the Mini Cooper S has always held its own against much larger cars. Its unmistakable petite package is endearing to the masses and its surprising performance is profound. Now converted into an all-wheel-drive fully electric powered car boasting 235hp, its lightweight nature means you’ll be wheeling through traffic like a breeze. This custom tuned Forza Edition variant also sports a widebody kit fitted as standard and houses wider, stickier tires to ensure it’s not only fast, but grippy – making it a worthy competitor within the Super Hot Hatch division!

Car Pass Calendar

Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass holders can look forward to four new cars in Series 5. Here’s an outlook of the cars you can expect over the next four weeks – and they’re all #NewToForza:

1986 Ford Mustang SVO

Ford Mustang SVO parked in the sunlight outside.
Available Mar. 3 in the Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass.

In 1981, Ford established a new division within their company fittingly named the Special Vehicle Operations Department, or SVO for short. Their task was to take the Ford Mustang, a car renowned for its impeccable performance and attitude and tune it for a new era of automobiles adhering to strict regulations following the 1973 oil crisis. Not only were fuel costs going up, but for many, the muscle car was considered dead. In response, Ford’s SVO engineers opted for a turbocharged 2.3-liter inline four capable of 175hp for the car’s initial 1984 outing and allowed drivers to adjust performance through a handy “fuel grade” switch – with lower fuel consumption possible through a Bosch Fuel Injection System. With additional fine tuning over the years and a new water-cooling system, the SVO’s overall power rating increased to 200hp for its 1986 update.

2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

A green Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is parked on top of cream colored rocks.
Available Mar. 10 in the Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass.

Dare to explore the places you never thought possible. Toyota has engineered a truck for the adventurer that exists inside all of us, with newly developed hybrid technology. With 437hp delivered by a 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 and unique placement of the electric motor ensuring an efficient transfer of power between the engine and transmission – the Tundra TRD Pro will always ensure you go the extra mile, whether it’s charging down the highway or chasing a desert trail.

2006 Noble M400

A side view of a blue Noble M400 opens its front and rear casing to reveal its engine with a purple hue in the sky.
Available Mar. 17 in the Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass.

Renowned for its excellent power and handing, the Noble M400 is the track variant of the M12. It features a transversely mounted mid-engine format, featuring a retuned twin-turbo 3-liter Ford Duratec V6 with high-lift camshafts and improved fuel injection. With 425bhp, the M400 accelerates from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds according to automotive press outlets – a record that made it one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world. Noble itself claimed that the car hits 0-60 in only 4 seconds – and while that’s still a notable feat, it’s a modest assessment of the M400’s true capabilities. When driven by The Stig on the Top Gear Test Track, it impressively almost matched the Ford GT40’s lap time.

2017 Ferrari #25 Corse Clienti 488 Challenge

Yellow Ferrari Corse Clienti 488 Challenge on the racetrack.
Available Mar. 24 in the Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass.

To celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the prancing horse’s international Ferrari Challenge racing series, the race-oriented 488 Challenge car was born. As the first ever turbocharged Ferrari to be featured in its own racing series, it surpassed the performance records of the preceding 458 Challenge EVO thanks to its 3.9-liter V8 engine outputting 670hp. With Slide Slip Control debuting on a Challenge car for the first time for improved driving dynamics and handling, the #25 Corse Clienti increases aerodynamic efficiently without compromising on the style, finesse and driving capability that is engraved in Ferrari’s long-running heritage. As quoted by the Roadshow, this is a car capable of turning experienced drivers into racers.

To add the Car Pass rides released thus far to your Forza Horizon 5 garage, simply visit any Horizon Festival outpost or Player House and select “Car Pass” under the “Buy & Sell” menu.

FH5-Noble_group-02_FMnet_Story-1120x630.jpeg The Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass can be purchased separately, and is included in the Deluxe Edition, Premium Edition and Premium Add-ons Bundle. With 34 cars delivered to your game weekly, one per week with an additional eight Formula Drift cars to get you started, there’s no better way to kickstart your Horizon adventure today.

What’s Next

That’s it from Horizon Mexico for Series 5! Stay tuned for Series 6 details later this month in what we’re calling The Horizon Customs Update. Until then, we’ll see you all at the PR Stunt Carnival! Adios.