Blue and yellow Noble supercars race down the road surrounded by the glint of Autumn trees and foliage.

The New Forza Forums Have Arrived!

10 March 2022- Alan Walsh

The Forza Forums have been a long-standing home for you to discuss all things Forza and share your in-game creations such as liveries, tunes and photos. Today, we’re excited to share the next evolution of these forums.

Powered by modern software, we’ve upgraded the Forza Forums with a refreshed user experience and a host of new features. These include a new navigation layout with faster loading, forum tags, as well as thread sorting by “Top” and “Latest.” With these enhancements, we’re bringing the Forza Forums into the future, so you have the best place to chat about all things Forza.

Because we love reading your feedback, we’ve also implemented Suggestion Hubs as the official destination for you to share everything you’d like to see come to our games in the future. Whether it’s cars, features, tracks or anything else, if it belongs in a Forza game, then we want to hear it from you. Post and upvote threads in the Suggestion Hubs so we can identity your biggest priorities for Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon.

For those of you who have published content on the previous Forza Forums, fret not. All existing posts have been successfully transitioned along with your Likes and Messages. You’ll find previously posted photos as well, and posting photos is now easier than ever with drag-and-drop.

Whether you’re eager to chat about Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport with fellow players, discover community created content, talk about Xbox and gaming all-up, or explore the world of car culture and motorsports with gearheads and race fans alike – the new Forza Forums are a home for you.

This safe and welcoming community space is for everyone, and we encourage you to join the discussion at and say hello! Get started by visiting our Welcome Guide. No matter if you’re a veteran or a newcomer, look out for new community events hosted on the Forza Forums soon. If you’re a long-standing user, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this upgraded experience, and you can share that feedback here.