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Introducing the New Suggestions Hub on the Forza Forums

13 October 2022- Turn 10 Studios
We’re taking the next step on our journey in listening to player feedback with the new Suggestions Hub on the Forza Forums.

Earlier this year, we relaunched the Forza Forums with a refreshed user experience and a host of new features, and in June, we followed that up with the brand-new Forza.net, giving our community an updated, modernized website as the home of Forza franchise news and events.

Today, we’re taking the next step on our journey in listening to player feedback with the new Suggestions Hub on the Forza Forums – this will be our official place to share your requests for cars, game features, and more of what you’d like to see in Forza with our developers. Our goal is to make the Suggestions Hub the definitive location of player feedback, a true centralized hub for all your ideas and requests that can be consulted at any time by our game teams.

The Forza Community Team reads your feedback every day, and we created the Suggestions Hub to help everyone working on Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport understand what you’re most interested in seeing show up in our games. If you’re looking to bring visibility to your ideas and feedback, posting them on the Suggestions Hub is the only way to guarantee that they're being reviewed by the right people.


Whether it’s related to cars, tracks, the quality of racing, features, or anything else that fits in Forza – yes, that even includes the Nissan Tsuru which you can upvote right here in a click – we’ll be regularly reviewing your requests with the teams directly responsible for those aspects of the game. If we decide if it’s a good fit for Forza, we’ll update the threads for the relevant ideas and let you know!

If it’s not, we’ve added a Previously Considered Suggestions page, which over time will be updated based on our discussions with the team. This is also where we’ll let you know if a requested feature either doesn’t fit into the game or can’t be added for other reasons. Our goal is to keep this page updated with insightful context and learnings as we begin these discussions with the game teams.

Introducing a new feature or change into a game isn’t an easy process. It requires concepts and prototyping, development time and testing, and continuous iteration until it ships. Game dev is never a linear process, so whenever we greenlight one of the community’s ideas, it might be some time before it shows up in the game.

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Every month, new features and fixes are introduced into Forza Horizon 5 as part of our series updates, and we’ll be sure to highlight the new additions that are inspired by your feedback. While our Motorsport team remains focused on the launch of Forza Motorsport in spring 2023, we’re also eager to hear your suggestions on how you would like to see the game evolve.

To get started with posting your game suggestions, log in to your Microsoft account on forums.forza.net (the same account you use on your Xbox or PC to play Forza games).

From there, we ask that you read our “Getting Started with Suggestions” threads so you understand the guidelines that you must adhere to when posting ideas. We’ve also created a guide to help you with writing great suggestions – we recommend that you read that one too before submitting your ideas.

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In addition to posting your suggestions, it's essential that you upvote other ideas that you agree with – the more votes a suggestion has, the clearer it will be to us and all the teams working on Forza games just how important it is to you.

You should always check before posting if your idea has already been suggested. If it has been, then be sure to upvote it instead of creating a duplicate thread and write a comment including any additional details on how you’d like to see the feature incorporated into the game. We’ll absolutely be reading these comments too and considering them alongside the original proposed idea.

Remember that clarity is important when sharing feedback, so we can ensure our teams understand the full context around your idea.

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Ok, that was a lot of information to take in so to recap, here’s how you can submit ideas for Forza games for our teams to consider:

  • Log in to forums.forza.net with your Microsoft account
  • Read the threads in our “Getting Started with Suggestions” section
  • Post your idea (after consulting our great writing tips guide!)
  • If your suggestion has already been posted, be sure to upvote it and write a comment with additional details instead of creating a duplicate thread
  • Do not engage with spam or inappropriate posts, instead you should report these to our teams
  • Always be nice to each other. We’re all here to make Forza games better for everyone!

Are you ready to get started? Head on over to forums.forza.net and begin writing or upvoting ideas today. We can’t wait to read your feedback, and we look forward to shaping the future of Forza games together with our community.